swytch agency


12 feb 2021

A new website presentation


2020 and 2021 have been/are again years with new challenges within our sector.

Each level (brands - distributors - agents - partners) is confronted with a changing environment.

Some brands have reorganised.

Others have merged into a new group with consequences for their agent network (such as Erik Jørgensen on 01/02).

There are some representations that come and others that go. 

This is a constant evolution for multi-brand agencies.

Travel has also strongly been impacted by the health situation and much less travels to Portugal have taken place (as my bases remains Brussels).

The software to make my previous website was also discontinued in development …  this is one of the reasons to change the website. 

E-communication remains an important tool in the presentation of the different brands.



20 mar 2021

We are proud to show you around in the virtual showroom


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