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Business has been strongly affected due to the actual health situation.

But we have a new target date of May 11 to relaunch our  work,

strong-holder of our economy and livelihood.


There are still some more things we can do to prepare this date.

So, we can be than ready and spend time & attention with the end clients.


Do you have the latest catalogues (hard and soft copy)?

Do you have the latest price list?

Is the showroom ready to re-open?

Perhaps it still can be completed with some collection items?


I will not visit  you and your shop randomly in the first weeks after 11/05.

I am happy to make an appointment.


Take care of yourself and your dearest!

Peter, Brussels 27/04/2020

We all have learnt out of this period and have some insights in how to be prepared

when (let us hope not) periods of street business disruption occur.

E-communication and e-business must be further developed and I can assist you herewith!